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I started using Twitter in 2008 though very sporadically, and took it up again in early 2009 to really see what it would be like to have twitter in my life on a regular basis. I downloaded twhirl ( which is an application that brings my twitter updates to me on my desktop and means I don’t have to keep checking my actual twitter webpage. Very useful tool that actually made twittering considerably easier.

I find twitter for me has opened me up to new sources of information. By following Darcy Moore (darcy1968) and Lyndon Sharp (lyndons) I am constantly receiving new ideas and information regarding social networking and technology in education. Through them I have been exposed to a new world, others to ‘follow’ and many information websites and thoughts. I feel like I am just grasping Web 2.0 or Education 2.0 and they are already talking about Education 3.0. It is online professional development and mental world expansion in 140 characters or less!

Don’t get me wrong, not every tweet is mind-boggling useful, just that they add up over days and weeks to introduce new and wonderful ideas and information. I have today joined two ‘twibes’ (‘books’ and ‘englishteachers’) which will be another useful experiment to see what riches can be yielded.

The bottom line is that so far the twitter at home experiment is working for me. I encourage others to join twitter ( and begin to learn the fine art of conversing in 140 characters or less. For those of you in education, I recommend you follow Darcy and Lyndon (their twitter names are already stated above) and Maralyn Parker (Marpar) who writes the education column for the Daily Telegraph for all the latest in the news regarding education. Then, tell your fellow teachers, friends, etc and start to ‘follow’ each other. You can make the experience as mundane or as rich as you wish – it’s your two cents’ worth after all.

You are more than welcome to follow me on twitter, you can find me as: melissagiddins, but I warn you now that I am not one of the mind-boggling and profound twitterers!


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