Melissa Giddins

Exploring technology and literacy in education.


When I began this blog I was a Head Teacher of English exploring ways of integrating technology into classrooms, experimenting with social networking for collaborative learning and adventuring into the final frontier of technology in education with my staff and fellow intrepid explorers. The blog was designed to track our successes and failures, and provide a space for sharing the new knowledge I found. I also blogged about how to get started on a technological journey, the first baby steps to take as a teacher ventures forth, integrating technology into their teaching and learning. I am passionate about the importance of inspiring that beginning but also the importance of then providing support and information. Therefore, the instructional/information posts of mine regarding those first steps, including “how to” information and suggestions, are summarised on the Getting Started with Technology page to allow easy access for those teachers who have just arrived on the scene.

Now, I am in a non-school based position as a Literacy Consultant for the next little while, so the posts may have a change of flavour as I work with many schools and find time to regularly post to this blog again. Looking forward to the next adventure in education!


The views expressed at this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

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