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Fake Facebook

Thanks to Bianca Hewes for these two great resources received via Edmodo!

Love it or hate it, Facebook is in our students’ lives. We have seen cyberbullying and now with the introduction of mobile phones that can browse the web, it doesn’t matter anymore that Facebook is blocked at school – the kids can still access it at school now via their phones and so it is still a large part of most of their lives 24/7.

So why fight it? Here is a great site:  that allows you to create a fake Facebook wall and use it for good instead of for evil!

One of my teachers is going to use it with a Year 9 class as part of a poetry unit of work – creating a facebook wall for the composer, such as Samuel Coleridge, where they have to research the composer to add the information to the facebook wall.

Another great “fake” option is the fake iPhone text site: which allows you to create fake texts! An opportunity to use the evil of text messaging in class for a good purpose.

Should be a fun and engaging activity, however you use it, that catches the students in their world and their interests. Would love to hear from people who have tried it with ideas about ways to utilise these resources!


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