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Going “global” with website of the week

As the coordinator of the Digital Education Revolution in my school, I have been thinking about what professional development and leadership of technology looks like, as can be seen from my last post. For the Staff Development Day in Term 3, I will be exploring how to ensure that Quality Teaching is happening in a Virtual Learning Environment. Across Term 3, I will be running the Lunch and Learn series (as described in a previous post) however, there is one more piece to the emerging puzzle now.  I have decided to create a weekly eNewsletter for DER and in this newsletter to have a “website of the week” for each faculty. This information will then be stored in an “umbrella” Moodle category called Digital Education, which contains three courses: Website of the Week, Resources and Professional Development. This will mean that I can first disseminate the information via email to all staff and then allow the information to be available in a common place where teachers can access it when they are ready.

In a previous post I have talked about how successful the Website of the Week has been with my faculty, however, the success was also due to then showing that website at a faculty meeting and showing how it had been used with a class. So I am not entirely sure how well just providing a website of the week for the school will work.

We are going to try a SpeedGeeking session in the Staff Development Days at the end of the year, and hopefully, some of the teachers that have explored the information I will send out across this semester, will become involved as presenters.

As with everything, this is another strategy I am trying. It may fail, it may succeed, but I would rather try and fail than do nothing at all. I will do a post towards the end of the term reflecting on this whole process: lunch and learns, weekly eNewsletter, a school wide website of the week, the Moodle courses, the SDD presentations and the SpeedGeeking sessions. Wish me luck!


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