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Stealing an idea: Lunch and Learn

A fellow English teacher and DER leader (and very cool person) Bianca Hewes recently blogged about something that she has been doing successfully at her school called “Lunch and Learn”. You can read the full account of her actions here on her blog. I have decided to “borrow” her idea and set up something similar at my school during Term 3.  I will call them Friday Lunch and Learns, with the idea being that you learn something on Friday, play with it across the weekend and use it the following week.  I will be promoting what is on each week and teachers can choose to come along, eat lunch and learn something each week.  Here is my proposed list of topics:

Friday Lunch and Learns – learn on Friday, play on weekend, use on Monday.

Term 3

  1. Edmodo – increasing student communication via the web.
  2. Creating your Professional/Personal Learning Network (PLN): how to join the DET conversation on Yammer, RSS feeds and setting up Google Reader, reading blogs and who to follow, joining the educational discussion on Twitter.
  3. OneNote – how students can hand in work that is created in OneNote, and how you can mark it using Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended.
  4. BlogEd – how to set up a class blog and why you would want to.
  5. Creative Commons and DET Resources – copyright-free images and where to find them; how to check if a site is unblocked and how to access curriculum resources via TaLE and Curriculum Support.
  6. Digitally marking student work – how to do this in Word 2007, OneNote 2007 and Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended.
  7. Podcasting – how to use Audacity to create simple podcasts for your students and how students can create their own to use as a lesson activity or study aids (and how to put podcasts onto Moodle for dissemination to students).
  8. Glogster and Prezi – creating online posters and visual representations with Glogster and using Prezi, an online presentation tool that is non-linear, as an alternative to PowerPoint.
  9. Wordle, Lino It and Wallwisher – Wordle creates word clouds from text and Wallwisher and Lino It allow you to create a canvas for collaborative discussion via use of digital sticky notes.

 Term 4:

  1. OneNote Refresher – a refresher on the things that you can do in OneNote besides typing notes. How to send items to OneNote from other programs and utilising clipping.
  2. OneNote Bells and Whistles – recording audio and digital and how to utilise tags.
  3. OneNote – SHARED – how to create a single OneNote section that the whole class can use at the same time and then have saved on their individual hard drives as a record.
  4. Creating a digital portfolio using Adobe Pro Extended.
  5. Delicious and Diigo – social bookmarking and how to utilise it in a classroom.

I am going to run this idea past the principal tomorrow and see what she thinks about it, get approval for this adventure and start preparing for it and promoting it in the following week (if it gets approved!). As such, I would love some feedback! Anything that you think I should add/remove? I have four weeks in Term 4 that I haven’t filled yet and can reshuffle some things around. Every suggestion helps!


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  1. Hey Melissa,

    I’m so pleased to see that the idea has caught on! The name ‘Lunch and Learn’ was suggested by a twitter person anyway (not sure who!) so I’m cool with you paying it forward!

    I am thinking that for the remaining weeks in term 4 you might want to look at faculty showcases? This would include teacher(s) presenting to the group on a Friday with their favourite lessons/assessments/units etc that they ran during the previous year? Get some teachers to video their lessons and watch excerpts of these together and discuss?

    The line-up looks great! I basically did Web 2.0 in Term 2 and will move on to software on the DERvices for Term 3 then faculty (and student) showcases in Term 4.

    Good luck!

    Comment by bhewes | June 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. Fabulous Idea Mel & Biance, love the ground swell,
    How has the response. We are running similar, after school snippets. We run them from 3:45 to 5;00 with afternoon tea. So far we have done BlogED. We have one of Smartnotebook (17th June), the ONE NOTE (24th June) and then Newfangled ideas.
    How is the response thus far, Interested to see how many are turning up.
    And the % across the school. I am just prepared a Web 2.0 play for our professional learning teams tomorrow.
    The example of one is PE…

    In words of David Warlick “what we know.. is.. we don’t know!” .
    PS. I hope you got my enquiry about you maybe coming to our school on the 24th arvo. I will email you..

    Comment by Denise Lofts | June 14, 2010 | Reply

  3. Great idea Melissa, changing the nature of education one teacher at a time. My advice from someone who has been doing this with techie brekkies this year. Take it slowly, do not be discouraged when others are not as keen as you. Be prepared for resistance from some. Just keep plugging away, eventually you will make a difference. Now I have an extra session each week where able students are assisting teachers to set up themselves up with blogging etc.

    Comment by Henrietta Miller | June 14, 2010 | Reply

  4. Hi Melissa. Looks good to me. Have you thought of doing something on livebinders or sqworl to save groups of bookmarks? I find these so useful when I want to share bookmarks on a particular topic?

    Comment by Pam Thompson | June 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Sound great, Pam, only I don’t know what they are! lol Looks like I will learn them myself first across the next term and then add them to the Delicious and Diigo day in Term 4. Thanks heaps for the suggestion 🙂

      Comment by mgiddins | June 14, 2010 | Reply

  5. A great idea (which I also have borrowed from Bianca, nice one B) and it is having success in our school. We have done many of the sites/programs/tools you have listed here and each time I hold a session I have more teachers turn up!

    Other sessions could include some of the cartoon creation sites like and video creation sites like animoto.

    Another idea is to show some of the best websites and wikis out there that show you how to use some of the things you discuss in the other sessions like Ideas to Inspire and SlideShare.

    Hope these help and I hope the sessions go well.

    Comment by Paula Madigan | June 14, 2010 | Reply

  6. Hi Melissa, a great idea! So glad to see you supporting your staff and leading the way! If I can help in any way just let me know.

    Comment by Lena | June 16, 2010 | Reply

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