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Rolled out and rolling on

Our rollout in 2009 of the DER laptops was successful. Our rollout for the Year 9 laptops in 2010 is going to run on a similar model, because it was so successful.

The model we used that worked is as follows:

Step 1: Prior to the arrival of the laptops in the school, we do the following:

  • Send an email to all Year 9 students. Year 9 students were then sent to the library one class at a time, logged into their DET portal and sent a reply email. We then had a list of students that knew their DET portal login and were ready for laptop allocation. Those who could not access their email and respond were immediately sent to the TSO (located in the library) and had their log on glitches fixed on the spot.  By the end of two weeks, every student in Year 9 was ready for laptop allocation. We have just done this for the second time across the last two weeks in preparation for the second rollout. This step has proved efficient, productive and very worthwhile.  In discussions with our TSO he mentioned that one of the biggest problems other schools have encountered in their rollout is students not knowing their DET log in and holding up the allocation process. 
  • Staff help with the software on the laptops. We decided that OneNote would be utilised across the school as a way in to using technology in the classrooms on a regular basis, particularly as we only got wireless a few weeks ago and so we were looking for a solution that would work offline. OneNote was the answer. Staff training on OneNote took place several times across Terms 3 and 4 in 2009. Templates were created for each KLA as a starting point for OneNote.

Step 2: The obligatory Parent Information Evening. Laptop User Charters were sent out ahead of time and collected on the night. Parents were informed about specs, usage, schedule and cyberbullying.

Step 3: Student information sessions. We put all of Year 9 in a room one period per day for 3 days. We taught the following:

  • Session 1:Windows 7 orientation, file naming protocols, saving in MyLocker
  • Session 2: Cyberbullying
  • Session 3: Introduction to OneNote.

Step 4: Students receive laptops.

Step 5: All KLAs get students to create their OneNote template in the first lesson they have with laptops in the classroom.

The next lot of laptops arrive in the school in Week 3 next term.  We are on track, things are running smoothly. Rolling on!


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