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DER – Sharing the load

After having a few conversations with various people, including Kelli McGraw, the need for one central place for English teachers to share ideas became fairly apparent. I also feel that the need is immediate. Therefore, I have taken the step of setting up a Ning for English teachers to share their ideas, successes and resources for teaching with laptops in an English classroom.  Access to the Ning requires an invitation: please send an email to my DET email address (search my name (Melissa Giddins) on DET email and you will find it) and let me know what school you are from (just for statistical purposes) and I will send you out an invite within 24 hours.

I think it is really important that we do not ‘reinvent the wheel’ in every school, but that we share ideas and benefit from the knowledge that is already out there, and the new knowledge that we will be creating in our classrooms everyday. You may never have joined a social network before, you may not even have a clue what I am talking about – I encourage you to be brave, send me an email and join the network. We will learn, share and laugh together as we embark on this new adventure.

What is a Ning? is a social networking site where you sign up and create a social network.  Here is a video from YouTube, the first 1.5 minutes explains what Ning is all about, then the rest is a quick tutorial. Watch the first minute if you are short on time, to understand the concept.


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