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Interesting and useful websites

A great place to start when integrating technology is on the world wide web, where there are plenty of ready-made resources. Knowing where to find them all is another thing again though, so I will regularly post useful links to websites that can help.  If you want to see the full list at any time, go to my delicious account:

1. Teacher Tube: A great resource for videos posted by teachers and students is Teacher Tube: – it is accessible through the DET portal and is like an educational version of YouTube.

2. Free Rice is a vocabulary and grammar game online that has the added bonus of feeding the world’s hungry through the United Nations Food Program, every time a student gets an answer right. Students love it, and it has the ability to change the subject to languages, art, geography, mathematics, etc so it allows variety.

3. InPics: is a great tutorial site that gives instructions for how to use various software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc using screen pictures and simple language.  A great way to learn more yourself and to use to direct students to so that you don’t have to be the expert and answer all the questions relating to how to use software.

4. Edublogs: this is a great site for creating student blogs. Students can access it through the DET portal and until the DET provides us with a blogging platform (and possibly beyond that!) this is my recommended site for students to create blogs.

 5. Celtx: – free software for writing scripts – FANTASTIC. Download it to your computer and you can then use it when you are offline – excellent free resource for writing scripts of all different types.

6. Audacity: – free software that you can download and use offline. Excellent recording software that makes creating podcasts easy.

And now for some fun ones:

7. Improv Everywhere: – a great drama company that does improvisation in public places and records it on video. The site contains videos of their improv adventures – and it is accessible through the DET portal.

8. Cue Prompter: – this site turns your monitor into a teleprompter. You paste it in your text and press go and voila! Your monitor is a teleprompter.

9. Shakespeare’s Insults: – a fun site that allows you to create your own Shakesperean insults.

10. Macbeth Rap Video: – fantastic rap video telling the story of Macbeth.


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  1. Hey a great summary…Last week I posted all my links to the English share point at work and guess what? (Mostly) the same links…

    Comment by Troy | May 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. These links are awesome Melissa…even for PE!!!

    Comment by Tara | May 24, 2009 | Reply

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