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Engaging with Social Networking

I read an interesting blog post today: Why You Have to Engage In Social Media, Even If You Don’t Want To:

This article is from a corporate/business world perspective however, it is still quite relevant to teachers, particularly to assist in understanding the role of social media/networking in the world.

As part of a presentation at school today I mentioned social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and there was quite a bit of negative reaction to Twitter, whereas Facebook was seen to be a more ‘acceptable’ form of social networking.  In my experience (so far) Twitter has proven to be far more valuable as a professional resource. Facebook has allowed me to connect with people from my past and present, but it is very much about me and my life and harder to see it’s usefulness as a professional tool.  Twitter, on the otherhand, daily delivers new professional information to me quickly and easily. In fact, the link at the beginning of this post came from a tweet I received when I got home from work today. I receive information pertaining to my professional development, the latest news about education and little tidbits of information like the fact that Darcy is spending tomorrow looking at the DET beta blogging platform – prior to that tweet, I didn’t know that the DET was finally starting to think about providing us with a blogging platform – and I am very excited about that opportunity! I feel very ‘cutting edge’, thanks to Twitter. However, I would like to add that it is the people that you choose to follow that makes the experience either valuable or trivial.  I choose to get a dose of both in the tweets I receive, and I am enjoying the interaction with people I may not otherwise have access to or speak with in the ‘real’ world.


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  1. Hi Mel
    I agree with you about many things you’ve said here… incensed that students get laptops pre teachers,…. that using technologies and practising and playing with sites keeps teachers (barely) up to date with students … maybe never equal with them (who, apart from a teenager has that much time to devote to the screen?) but at least it gives us a view of what our kids are doing and how to use it in teaching… but it’s a problem that DET blocks practically all the popular sites.. and I think DET has blocked some of the content on your blog .. the vids, mainly.
    Would you be agreeable to inviting Bec to your blog? She’d get a lot out of it and contribute a lot too, I think
    Cheers Von

    Comment by von | April 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Von, lovely to hear from you! The DET has blocked the videos because they come from YouTube and YouTube is a blocked site. I have the videos on the hard drive of my laptop, that I obtained from TeacherTube ( that allows you to download all of their content – and IS allowed through the DET portal, but unfortunately I have not yet been able to work out how to embed video from the teachertube site or to upload it from my hard drive. Embedding YouTube videos however is very easy, so I put it in from YouTube for now, until I can get better at this and learn the finer points of video embedding.

      My blog is open to the public, so anyone can view it. Please feel free to pass the blog address on to anyone, particularly Bec. I hope she is doing well, I think about her often and wonder how she is going, and would love for her to comment and engage in this kind of dialogue with us. It will give her access to collegial discussion with my faculty and beyond, which will help to alleviate the isolation of being the only English teacher in her school.

      Comment by mgiddins | April 28, 2009 | Reply

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